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by Jonathan Dove

recorded LIVE at the 2007 Grachtenfestival in Amsterdam

Siren Ensemble - Henk Guittart conductor

Brad Cooper (Davey Palmer)

Mattijs van de Woerd (Jonathan)

Amaryllis Dieltiens (Diana Reed)

Mark Omvlee (Commissaire de bord)

Marijn Zwitserlood (Commandant)


"The singers ... inhabit their roles convincingly, with Cooper's lyric tenor voice always at the centre of the emotional journey of the opera. He persuasively manages to find the right appearance of youth and vulnerability in the early stages, with a naïve presence and meek practice of phrasing well suited to his role. He produces an affecting and precise tone across the middle register, and projects powerfully and pleadingly at the top of his range in his final, angry scenes."

Stephen Graham - Musical Criticism

"Brad Cooper is magnificent as the innocent sailor launched on an emotional flood tide by the promise of his ideal woman."

Christopher Cooke - BBC Music Magazine

"Brad Cooper is simply brilliant as the naïve dreamy Palmer, his lyric tenor giving a nice shape to Palmer’s long lines. It says a lot for Cooper’s musical skill that he makes Palmer completely believable, even if you do want to give him a shake for being so trusting. No other character has quite as much air-time as Palmer and it is Cooper who very much carries the piece and ensures that the drama works."

Robert Hugill - Music Web International

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